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Starting the movement to End Diabetes: Diabetes Canada

In late November of 2016, the Canadian Diabetes Association was looking for change: not only was a complete rebrand on the horizon, but an entire media campaign to educate Canadians on the disease was also in the works.  Four months later, the CDA was reborn as Diabetes Canada, and the national End Diabetes campaign was launched.
Diabetes Canada called on ecentricarts to create a scalable campaign microsite that challenged Canadians’ perception of diabetes sufferers and shared statistics about the life-threatening disease.  A multi-agency process from the get-go, our client wanted a website that could tell a story and showcase its new branding with impact and continuity.  As each agency created their own piece of the puzzle in parallel to each other, ecentricarts began to design and develop the End Diabetes user journey.
By launch date, we delivered a visually striking and dynamic microsite with embedded video, flexible widgets, and custom analytics capabilities.  The unified branding and disease statistics, combined with impactful copy and imagery, takes the user through a journey that:
  1. Speaks to the severity of the diabetes epidemic in Canada
  2. Drives users to sign the petition to End Diabetes once and for all
  3. Inspires users to donate to the End Diabetes cause


Key User Experience Features

  • Navigation, messaging is clear and cohesive 
  • Hi-definition video streaming functionality (via Vimeo Pro) to deliver the campaign's PSA
    • Integrates strong post-screening Call To Action to join the End Diabetes movement, share on social, and donate
  • Mandate to End Diabetes is reinforced with strong actionable items for users
  • Responsive and accessible
End Diabetes mobile view
End Diabetes mobile view 2

Key Design Features

  • Showcased brand throughout the site, driving home Diabetes Canada’s new look​
  • Contemporary design that creates a narrative
    • Left side navigation tracker designed to literally “strike out” the effects of diabetes as user delves deeper/gets closer to joining the movement
  • Custom illustrations that support the narrative
  • Use of large images and succinct copy for maximum impact
End Diabetes desktop

Key Technology Features

  • Kentico 10 EMS
  • Vimeo integration
  • Developed flexible widgets for reuse across the site and future campaigns for simple scalability
  • Use of screen reader ARIA labels
End Diabetes pledge form
  • Use of flexbox-based CSS grid system
  • Created custom animations using CSS and Javascript 


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