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Over the past five years Shred-it Inc. has grown from being North America and the UK’s premier paper shredding service provider to the world’s largest document destruction and information security company. To achieve this phenomenal growth, Shred-it required a sophisticated, global online platform that would drive the company’s ambitious marketing and sales efforts, and provide existing customers with a suite of easy to use online tools for administering their Shred-it account.

Shred-it engaged us to be their digital agency of record, and to design and develop a global family of seventeen corporate websites, a customer self-service portal, and a robust digital marketing platform designed to drive lead generation and engagement.

We implemented a sophisticated digital marketing strategy and suite of marketing automation solutions, enabling Shred-it to:

  • Dominate web search for key search terms and phrases in multiple cultures and countries, as well as local search rankings
  • Target millions of prospective customers through personalized email DRIP marketing content, online marketing campaigns, paid search, and various re-marketing tactics
  • Achieve unprecedented lead generation conversion rate percentages
  • Empower the company’s global sales team to convert leads to customers with real-time integration with CRM . This enables sales reps to prioritize opportunities based on data-rich lead profiles.

Our engagement with Shred-it's marketing team and strategic partners is collaborative and analytics-driven, allowing us to optimize Shred-it’s online presence and lead generation efforts. This approach considers both the short and long game, with incremental changes informed by a big picture roadmap.

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Key user experience features:

  • Simple, streamlined user experience that emphasizes key user goals
  • Geo-detection to place users on the appropriate national website, in the appropriate branch for their location
  • Conversion-optimized experience that drives users to complete a Get a Quote form, or to opt-in to a nurture program
  • Engaging thought leadership content

Key design features:

  • Clean, modern, and flexible responsive design that works across many breakpoints/devices and cultures/languages
  • Device-optimized design for key conversion points (e.g., desktop users are funneled to web forms-based conversion pages, while mobile users are driven to click to call features)
  • Data-driven design (e.g. we employ A/B and multivariate tests, heat maps and scroll reach analysis — to inform design decisions and driven continuous optimization)
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Key technical features:

  • A Kentico CMS Enterprise Marketing Suite solution to deploy and manage a family of international marketing websites and B2B customer online customer service tools
  • Integration with Shred-it’s marketing and back office tools, including Eloqua, Salesforce, and SAP
  • A suite of analytics solutions to generate real-time platform performance data

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Increased YOY conversion rate ⬆24%

Increased YoY desktop conversions in N. America ⬆22%

Increased YoY mobile conversions in N. America ⬆80%

Increased YoY desktop conversions in the UK ⬆15%

Increased YoY mobile conversions in the UK ⬆61%