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Fantastic in plastic: Best-in-class B2B eCommerce for Curbell

Curbell Plastics, North America’s largest distributor of plastic materials, had a problem: Their website wasn’t living up to its full potential. Namely, it wasn’t serving the needs of its two core user groups: their customers and their sales team.

Curbell engaged us to design and build a robust, intuitive eCommerce platform that would be a winner for prospective and current customers, and their sales team, allowing for self-service ordering and fulfillment, as well as better lead generation.

Our first priority was to create an information architecture that showcased Curbell’s impressive product catalogue and buyer resources and highlighted key marketing messaging, while remaining easy to navigate for their users. From a design perspective, we looked to declutter the interface, replacing copy-heavy portions of the site with concise content and recognizable, clickable imagery.

Curbell Homepage with large banner of plastic samples

Powering the new interface is a robust eCommerce platform, which we customized completely to accommodate Curbell’s vast catalogue of over 30k product SKUs. Knowing their inventory would frequently change, we built custom tools to handle the initial product data import and allow for easy updating in the future.

We also optimized the site for SEO, maximizing Curbell’s visibility in search with metadata, geo-located local landing pages, and a carefully designed product catalogue.

Product Catalogue
Curbell product detail page with size and type filters

Key user experience features

  • Improved information architecture that prioritizes the right content
  • A comprehensive shopping experience that is still easy to navigate
  • Research Resource Center packed with rich content and interactive tools that helps users to find the materials and answers they need
Curbell Research Materials page about different plastic types

Key design features

  • Clean, modern interface with increased white space allows for easy navigation and reading
  • Bold CTAs that demand action, particularly Get a Quote
Mobile Curbell Homepage
Mobile Product Details pages

Key technical features

  • Custom Kentico 8.2 EMS equipped to handle frequent and complex updates to a large SKU library
  • An extensive product catalogue that delivers on the requirements for ease of use and find-ability.
  • Custom facets and filtering which are context aware (show options specific to the product types that the user is exploring)
  • Integration with third party services such as Avalara, CyberSource and FedEx to complete transaction processing
  • A suite of custom modules for site administration e.g. advanced product information management and custom importers
  • Custom import tool for an initial data migration of over thirty thousand SKUs. The tool also supports future imports and updates from ERP, and has an array of advanced features designed to ensure error-free data importation
  • Custom eCommerce implementation that features robust search, sophisticated browse and filtering functions to improve navigability and discoverability of products, real-time credit card processing, complex shipping and tax calculation features
  • Third party API integrations (Avatax, FedEx)
  • Robust SEO features embedded throughout, including metadata, Research Resource Center, and geo-located landing sites for local sales and distribution centers

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