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One platform to rule them all: Expanding Bell Media's web capabilities

The ecentricarts team worked with us through many revisions to make sure that the product met our needs and also really "wow'ed" our audiences. They were great to work with, becoming an extension of our internal team and helping us reach our goals. – Greg Valiquette, Associate Director, Apps and Web Products

The Bell Media universe is ever-expanding, spanning a variety of web properties that range from small radio stations to major television network sites. Within Bell’s radio station network, Bell found that maintaining these sites, particularly under a consistent brand umbrella, was a challenge. Disparate online technologies for each station website, and a dependency on multiple digital agencies made the technical maintenance and the deployment of new radio station sites cumbersome and expensive.

Bell Media engaged us to help them simplify. They needed an easy to use content management solution that would allow them to easily and consistently manage over thirty radio station web properties, and roll out new ones on demand — all while delivering a best-in-class, interactive and on-brand experience.

With speed of deployment and simplicity of use in mind, we built a common web platform for the Bell Media radio network. At the core of the platform is a completely customizable, reusable website template. The template empowers Bell Media to quickly implement a feature-rich, uniquely branded, and consistent online experience for each of their radio stations, whatever the size or budget.

How quickly? “File > New Radio Web Site” quickly.

The common web platform also allows them to easily create and manage a wide array of content — including playlists, blogs, and photo galleries.

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Key features:

  • Fully customized Kentico 7.0 site template, which offers a suite of functional components and additional templates that Bell Media can use to customize any existing or new radio property
  • Flexible templates, tools, and integration solutions that enable a new Bell Media web property to be launched quickly and easily
  • Kentico CMS, which allows Bell Media employees to independently create and manage their website content, with minimal training and technical support
  • Ad network integration, enabling Bell Media to monetize the high volume of user engagement that is generated across the network of radio station websites
  • Delivery of a consistent, high quality user experience across all Bell Media radio websites, with support for unique branding requirements for each station