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Setting in motion: A personalised, mobile-first approach

ecentricarts did a fantastic job in meeting our goals and were instrumental in helping us overcome the technological hurdles we faced and in engaging our many stakeholders to build a wonderful end product. They were always very engaged with our project and sought to bring the best solutions to the table. – Stewart Wong, Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs. The Arthritis Society

The Arthritis Society provides education, programs, and support to over 4.6 million Canadians living with arthritis. Their website had been seeing growing mobile traffic, but also an increasing bounce rate. They suspected three culprits:

  1. An outdated corporate website that wasn’t mobile friendly or AODA (accessibility) compliant
  2. Generalized content that didn’t address the unique needs of a highly differentiated set of user segments
  3. An inconsistent, confusing online user experience — the end result of having developed a network of loosely-connected websites, including the corporate site and regional sub-sites, and separate online community and fundraising sites

They engaged us to build a unified, mobile-optimized, W3C WCAG AA/AODA web accessibility compliant website that would guide users to relevant content and functionality, and boost engagement and conversions (membership sign-ups, volunteer applications and online donations).

We went to work, designing for the Arthritis Society a user experience that would allow them to tailor the website experience for their key user segments:

  1. Those living with Arthritis
  2. Those who have a loved one living with Arthritis
  3. Healthcare professionals

We implemented sophisticated content personalization functionality that enables users to self-identify their needs and interests to surface relevant content. The site can also dynamically surface content based on users' on-site activity, as well as engagement with other media, such as email marketing, paid and organic search referrals, and social. Next, we created a responsive user interface that would sing on mobile.

Because a portion of the Society’s audience has vision and mobility issues, accessibility was paramount. The Arthritis Society relied on our knowledge of W3C and AODA web accessibility standards to ensure the experience was friendly to all and would remain so post-launch.

Key user experience features:

  • Using Kentico EMS, created a customized user experience based on Kentico’s content personalization and geo-location features
  • Merged three separate Arthritis Society sites into one unified brand and user experience
  • Improved site navigation using a mobile-first approach
Arthritis Society Mobile Home Page
Arthritis Society Mobile Menu

Key design features:

  • Increased white space for an easy reading experience
  • Decluttered the interface by removing or repositioning widgets
  • Replaced lengthy blocks of text with concise calls to action and succinct headlines to guide users through the website
  • Created large hit areas and design elements that were W3C WCAG 2.0 AA/AODA compliant, as well as mobile-friendly
Arthritis Society Home Page

Key technical features:

  • Kentico EMS for content personalization and digital marketing functionality
  • Kentico Contact Management
  • Assign Contacts to audience segments based on their GeoIP location, user self-identification, and on-site user activity
  • Email Marketing and broadcasting functionality
  • Foundation 5

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Reduced bounce rate ⬇29%

Increased user engagement ⬆27%

Reduced average page load time ⬇5.45%

Reduced average server response time⬆129%