It’s time to rip off the legacy CMS band-aid

It's old, it's clunky, and it's dragging your whole team down. It's time to upgrade your CMS and streamline your workflow in the process.

Picture of Jen Tweedie

By Jen Tweedie, Content Strategist

June 21, 2017


We’ve developed a lot of websites over the last 17 years, and we can safely say that a well constructed Content Management System plays a huge role in predicting a website’s success (and likelihood that content will be entered properly) over time. What you may not expect, is that the value of a robust CMS extends even further than content entry and measurement alone – great CMS platforms will help streamline your business’s workflow and in turn, save you money.

So we’re here to tell you that: 
  1. You can break away from that old, confusing CMS
  2. This, like any other major system upgrade or migration, may take some time
  3. The results are well worth the effort!

Let's face it, it's time to upgrade your Content Management System.

Why upgrade?

Does your office have one person collectively known as “the content entry guy”? Have you ever needed to update a page on your website, only to learn that said guy is on vacation and no one else on the entire floor can navigate the archaic system without his assistance? A CMS upgrade, migration, or system consolidation is the opportune time identify any internal pain points, required functionalities, and user experience goals that your content team must, should, and could have.

Furthermore, CMS support doesn’t last forever; the rate of advances in content tech inevitably reach a point where total rebuilds are easier to manage than continuously updating or supporting old software. It’s a bit of a bummer, but it’s true.

On a more exciting note, CMS platforms are becoming a lot more user-friendly, and ecentricarts developers are particularly equipped to build custom functionalities into CMS platforms to best suit your needs. 

Which platform should you choose?

This is a really important question. The good news is that there are a lot to choose from, with a wide range of functionalities. ecentricarts is a Kentico Gold Partner and our CTO, Michael Kinkaid is a Kentico MVP, meaning we get great perks, and pretty much know Kentico CMS platforms from the inside-out. We can recommended the best platform for your needs, and add the custom content features and/or parameters that your team desires.

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Take it from them

Content and eCommerce management systems can add value in several ways besides strictly entering and measuring content – upgrading to the right system will actually improve the internal workflow of your business.

Economical Insurance

Consider our work for Economical Insurance; ecentricarts has shared a working relationship with the Waterloo-based company for the last two years, and we took big leaps in 2016 to consolidate and streamline the way they update, create, and organize their content workflow. Upgrading from Kentico EMS 7 to 9 on multiple websites achieved just that. 

What used to take forever now takes seconds – in many cases it’s quicker to do something than to explain it.

– Kevin McCaig, Team Lead of Technical Marketing, Economical Insurance and are now extremely easy to update and customize in both official languages with the help of custom-built widgets and other web parts – these flexible features have allowed the Economical team to organize any page on demand, and change its colours within the brand palette and design parameters built in by the ecentricarts team. Thanks to the Kentico platform and ecentricarts savvy, bilingual page creation and content manipulation only requires a few clicks, and every page is always on brand.

View of homepage depicting a smiling little girl on a blue background

ecentricarts also developed Economical Insurance’s extranet, a space where brokers go to order marketing materials (brochures, packages, etc.). Economical’s administrators can now create custom ordering forms within the CMS itself, and process incoming orders with ease. We were also able to integrate Economical’s CRM data into the Kentico 9, meaning broker information can be contained and accessed in one place.  

Upgrading their CMS and working with ecentricarts greatly increased Economical Insurance’s control of their own content, while simultaneously reducing their internal administrative time in the process. Our clients had their cake, ate said cake, and are sufficiently (and efficiently) suffonsified.

To learn more about our work with Economical Insurance, read our case study.

Canada’s History

The site redesign and CMS re-platform of, helped our client manage and display their historical content better than ever before. By upgrading their CMS to Kentico 10 and customizing their page previews and content entry experience, ecentricarts helped Canada’s History reduce their content entry time by a whopping 90%. How’s that for workflow improvement? 

What used to take 1-2 hours using multiple programs is now completed in 5-10 minutes,

– Tanja Hütter, Online Manager at Canada's History

homepage of Canada's depicting banner ads and headline articles

In lieu of the CMS upgrade, ecentricarts worked with Canada’s History to identify their business goals and KPIs, so that we could develop the functionalities needed to achieve the right results. After learning that sponsored ads were a crucial revenue stream for the Winnipeg-based nonprofit, we integrated their AdSpeed account into Kentico 10 and created flexible ad widgets for maximum control over the treatment and placement of advertisements, site-wide.

Take it from us

Upgrading your businesses CMS can be an ambitious undertaking (especially when upgrading from legacy software), but when done well, the final product should give your team maximum content control and bring your goals into scope.

Think your business is ready to rid itself of a cumbersome CMS? Drop us a line, and let’s make something great.