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We're celebrating our 15th anniversary with a brand new website. Find out the method to our madness here ...

Picture of Keith Durrant

By Keith Durrant, CEO

November 05, 2015


As a 15th anniversary gift to ourselves, we re-designed our website. Why? While we loved our old site, it had become outdated in form and content. We’d built it back in 2012 as a way to teach ourselves about responsive web, which we knew we and our clients would need to thrive in an increasingly mobile world. And, being the responsible types, we decided to use ourselves (and not our clients) as guinea pigs.

Today, countless responsive projects later, lots has changed at ecentricarts — particularly over the last year — and we wanted our site to reflect where we are now, and where we’re headed.

Three years ago, our head count was under 30; today, we’re just shy of 50. Our team has expanded to include additional information architects, designers, developers (front end, back end, and full stack), and QA analysts. We’ve also recently brought on a full time content strategist to provide our clients with insight on how to plan, create, and manage site content to achieve business goals and meet users’ needs.

We’re now extremely well-suited for engagements that have complex business requirements, including intricate integrations into back office systems. Later this year we’ll bring on a full time SEO analyst to provide greater analytical insights into our work. It's all part of our evolution into a full service digital marketing agency.

Another big change we’ve made is moving from waterfall to agile, which has resulted in significantly increased efficiency and productivity. Our clients also love it, as they get to be more hands on with greater visibility and input into the overall process. (Look for an upcoming blog post by our new CTO Michael Kinkaid, who will discuss this process in more detail.)

Amidst all this change, however, there’s a constant: the work, which we’re extremely proud to share with you. These case studies are reflective not only of our new team and structure, but also of the data-driven, results-based approach we’re taking to web development. More and more we’ve been hearing from clients that they want to use their site analytics and testing to make informed decisions on features and functionality, which we fully support in spirit and practice.

So have a look around at the new site. We look forward to hearing your feedback, as well as discussing your next digital project. Let’s make something ________.