All I want for Christmas is Kentico 10

You can keep your mini-drones, 5000-piece jigsaw puzzles, even your R2-D2 coffee press...

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By Michael Kinkaid, Chief Tea Officer

November 14, 2016


Those of you who attended the 404 Conference in Las Vegas may have flown home with significantly lighter wallets, but you did hit the jackpot with a nice pre-release build of Kentico 10. Now that we’ve had a chance to play around with it, here's the upcoming features that have us eager to upgrade all our Kentico clients :-).

Continuous Integration (CI) Enhancements

CI first appeared in v9. This feature serializes objects usually stored in the database and puts them into the file system. They can then be added to source control, which not only makes deployments easier, but gets your dev team out of shared database hell™. Here's my original video on CI in Kentico v9:

A common frustration in v9 was that not all objects were supported (... slowly walks away and sets up a shared database). Well, get ready to turn that frown upside down, as v10 will support a huge range of objects.


Kentico API support for MVC development gets a substantial upgrade in v10. Kentico took community feedback from v9 and over the past year pretty much had every developer in the shop tinkering away on adding ecommerce, EMS, and membership support for MVC. As a result, MVC with Kentico will be available for a much wider range of project types. I get the feeling that the v10 documentation on MVC is going to be pretty chunky over at

Responsive Images

When the responsive image feature was demo’d at the conference there were gasps, tears of joy, raucous applause, and spontaneous high fives. Without giving too much away (look if you wanted to know more you really should have come to Las Vegas), an editor uploads a single image file and Kentico dynamically creates the optimized images for your configured devices. Then, just use something like the <picture> tag and, voilà: you are making a single http request for a device optimized image.

Insane Performance Improvements

Not content with just adding new features, the magic Kentico elves have also been fine-tuning the platform to make it faster for both developers and end users. Check out these stats:

  • Support for 100 million contacts
  • Support for 1 billion - yes BILLION - activities
  • 40% faster performance on first page load

Hidden Goodies

If you’re not following @michalkadak then you really should be. Not only will he give you a giggle, but given he’s a product owner over at Kentico, he often tweets previews of upcoming features. Here's what you've missed so far from his twitter feed:

When can you get 10?

Kentico 10 is due out by end of November, so Santa frankly has no excuse. Give us a shout if you're on an older version of Kentico and want to discuss upgrading to the latest and greatest.


Update - IT'S HERE!

Christmas has come early. Check out the official announcement from Kentico. Devnet also has a handy article.