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Artisans of inclusive design

Hi, we’re the ecentricarts Accessibility Team (EAT). Since 2015, our cross-disciplinary team has met each week to discuss, learn, and create accessible online experiences. Simply put, we’re advocates committed to giving web accessibility the care and attention it deserves.

Whether adding accessible functionalities to an existing site, or designing beautiful and inclusive sites from scratch, we think about how people use our products, and work hard to develop easy and intuitive experiences.

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How accessibility can help you

Accessible and inclusive websites help a diverse range of users view and access information. Plus, benefits like improved performance, better search engine optimization, and increased usability can be enjoyed by everyone!

Our experience and commitment can help you achieve a beautiful, accessible site that meets your business goals. Whether you’re in need of more leads, sales, donations, or awareness, we can build it, and everyone can use it.

3 quick ways to test your site

Thorough accessibility audits require time and resources to complete, but there are also simple usability tests that you (yes, you!) can do right now, to see if your site meets a few essential WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

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Test 1: Check for keyboard traps

Can you navigate and interact with your site using only your keyboard? If you get stuck in an endless loop or keyboard trap, people who rely on keyboards to surf the web may encounter the same frustrations.

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Test 2: Check the accessibility of your multimedia

Can you consume and understand your site's multimedia content without having to see or hear it? Ensure no one misses out on your content by providing closed captioning and/or written transcript alternatives.

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Test 3: Check your text and hyperlink colour contrast

Can users with vision loss or colourblindness read your site’s text with ease? Test the contrast ratio between your text and its background with the WebAIM contrast checker.

Interested in learning more?

Our Web accessibility 101 deck will help you get started with the who, what, wheres, and whys of online accessibility.

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