Bruins, breweries, and best practices

It was back to Bean Town once again for the 2014 Kentico Connection. We've got the scoop on all things new in the world of Kentico.

Picture of Michael Kinkaid

By Michael Kinkaid, CTO

November 12, 2014


It's that time again folks: Kinkaid's annual blog post! Topic? Yes, you guessed it — the Kentico Connection in Boston. Note to self: spend less time writing dry internal documentation on our Intranet and more time out here in the... real world?

As per usual the two day event was organized into three tracks: developer, marketing, and real-world case studies. Sean, Keith and I split up and hit most of the sessions. Highlights included:

(Sessions will soon be posted over at

So, how did ecentricarts contribute to the proceedings? Keith attended the partner meetings that Kentico hosts at the convention with only the top implementation partners. It's great to have such a strong voice at the table, ensuring we are able to bring foward any issues or ideas direct to the Kentico bigwigs. We also get the inside scoop as to where the platform is heading.

Sean got behind the microphone for the first time at a Kentico Connection to present a 30 minute case study on the successful work (proven with stats!) that we've been doing for Shred-It. I co-presented on a few slides, but it was really Sean's gig. He knocked it out of the park (Fenway?) so Keith and I will be trying to convince him next year to take on a one hour slot. Sean also wins the award for eating the biggest steak (do you see any room for sides?). Proof:

A very large piece of steak ready to be eaten.

Meat coma, anyone?

Yours truly was on the panel for a monthly industry CMS news show — CMS Connected — that was coming "LIVE!" from Kentico Connection. Questions from the hosts and then, horror of horrors, questions from the audience.


"I wonder if I can get away without anyone noticing..." Photo credit: @r_42

I was joined on stage by Heather MacFayden (VP of Production & Senior WCM Analyst at Falcon-Software) and Brian Mckeiver (Solution Architect and Co-Owner at BizStream).

The social event was a night out at a local brewery. Alas Keith, Sean, and I had another commitment — a Bruins game at the TD Garden with ecentricarts' client, Canadian Red Cross. From the bleary-eyed faces and low groans that greeted us on the morning of day two, we could tell those at the Kentico event certainly had a very in-depth tour of the Brewery.

Overall, it was a good convention. We definitely walked away agreeing that there is still value in meeting up with other implementation partners and seeing the great work that they produce with Kentico. Now that the convention doesn't line up with a major release announcement, there is a bit of repetition creeping in with the sessions that present Kentico features. Such sessions are certainly valuable to potential clients or new implementation partners. For those of us a bit more familiar with the platform (100+ sites), we were happy to see more specialized industry sessions, such as Niall McKeown's, being on offer. More of those, please!